Sunday, October 26, 2008

Interactive Builds: Part II

We had the follow up to last week’s interactive build presentation this week. It was fun to see the different items everyone shared:

Calms Xue showed us a Tuingo game. This is a networked matching game that Calms built for fun.

Shamblesguru Voom brought the Manbo dance. This works by making everyone who has is holding the maraca dance when the word “manbo!” is typed in the screen. This can be used as a reward for answering questioning, an icebreaker, or for teaching second life skills.

Shambles also brought an image changing cube. This puts pictures from the cube in everyone’s cache. If you put the pictures for your presentation in the cube and rezz a small version of it in the area in which you will be presenting this will put the pictures in everyones cache and will make your presentation slides rezz for everyone. Also, you can use it to give out your slides.

Cae Sands showed us a color changing box that helps the viewers to learn colors in German
Gruen = Green
Rot = Red
Blau = Blue
Schwarz = Black
Weiss = White
Gelb = Yellow

We also discussed other areas that have tools to use in SL. One of these was Salamander project by Wainbrave Bernal. A search of the Salamander project tells you that:

The Salamander Project aims to develop a collaboratively determined portfolio of Education Projects in Second Life. Simulations, models, scaffolds, tools, communications, journals, etc. will be exemplified and "tagged" within SL for the purposes of surveying and expanding the developments and discussions taking place between teachers and students in Multi-User Virtual Environments.

Shamblesguru Voom mentioned that he has some tools on his website.

We then received a notice about the Aldrich Chemistry Game Launch and ended our session there. This may be something of interested to others in SL. Here is a copy of the notice in case you want to check it out:
Aldrich Chemistry is launching an interesting educational game about chemistry where players create chemical reactions at stations as they progress from lesson to lesson. Educators have an opportunity to come and learn how Second Life can be applied to make learning more fun and engaging.

We think Zotarah for a wonderful presentation on Interactive Builds that sparked each of us to think about the way information is presented in SL.
We are still looking for presenters at the TNC.
If you have an idea for a presentation IM Tek Zeno or Pia Klaar or post a comment here!

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