Monday, October 20, 2008

Interactive Builds Presentation

Zotarah Shepherd, a student at Sonoma State University, gave a wonderful presentation on Saturday on interactive builds. She gave 6 aspects of interactive builds:

  1. Visualization of the subject

  2. Sounds about the subject

  3. Manipulate it: Relevant clickable animations, editable or physical moveable parts or building

  4. Literacy: Reading and/or writing. Questions to answer

  5. Notecard or signage explaining the education a purpose and goals of the build

  6. Some sort of logical ordering: color, number progression, so the visitor/student will be assured that all the points are accomplished or experienced

The first interactive build we went to was one she built on Multiple Intelligences. This is displayed at F/Xual Educational Services

Next we went to Cave Literature Alive and saw another wonderful example on an interactive build.

Zotarah left us with homework for the week. Now it is out turn! We are to see what you can come up with that you use like a tool that you could use in SL. We will show these at the TNC next week (10/25) at 10:00 am SLT. We hope to see everyone there!

She also provided us with a list of builds and information on building:

ABC Island Welcome Area:
Alliance Building:
American Library Association:
Angel Learning Isle:
Aretao and Moodlerooms NH:
Blue Angel Poets’ Dive:
Center for Water Studies:
College of Scripting, Music and Horsa:
Dreams Sandbox and Tutorials:
Free Math Tutoring:
Hell room Demo ISTE Island:
Info Island Machinima Institute:
International Spaceflight Museum: International Technology Expo: Lighthouse Learning Island:
Multi Media Arts Center:
Mystic Academy:
NCI International Classroom:
NMC Conference Center:
NMIT Garden of Learning:
Ohio University without Boundaries:
Oyster Bay:
Pyramid in Cairo:
Rockcliffe University:
ROMA Humanism Garden:
Science School:
SJSU School of Library and Information:
Talis Cybrary City:
Tasneem Project Research Centre:
Texture Tutorials:
The Abyss:
The Cave Literature Alive!:
The LitAlive! Collaboration Stat:
The Magicians:
The Symposium:
The Whitehorn Memorial Library:
Trinity College:
Vassar Island:
Vistor Center, Sprott Shaw College:
Willow Springs, Montclair State:
Annenberg Amphitheatre:
ELVEN Institute:

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